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Upload functionality

New uploading feature makes onboarding easier

Blanco’s onboarding module makes the onboarding process a lot faster. But there was one more part that didn’t go that fast. Wealth and asset managers had to request documents by e‑mail from their clients. Not very efficient. We changed …
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UIUX improvements

Improved UI/UX of the KYC

We’ve recently taken a closer look at our KYC suite, to see how we could make onboarding even more customer friendly. There are already many settings that can be adjusted by the wealth and asset manager to optimize the customer …
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MITEK lifecheck

‘Lifeness check’ improves the security of ID check

Up until this moment, the ID check during the onboarding phase is done by uploading an ID and taking a selfie. Unfortunately, this isn’t ideal, because someone with bad intentions could hold someone else’s portrait picture in front of …
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Signing zoom 740x340

Handy: legally valid signing of documents in the Client File

During the onboarding on the Blanco platform, you can have your clients digitally sign documents with a legally valid digital signature. This is facilitated by the Evidos’ software solution: leading technology for digital …
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Income statement 740x430 16

Flexible income statement in the Financial Investment Plan

Onboarding companies is actually quite complicated in our software. All kinds of questions are asked to ensure that you get a clear financial picture of a company. This is often confusing and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve replaced …
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Google tag manager 740x430

Onboarding now made even more personal with Google tag manager

Our customers asked us whether we could incorporate their own marketing tools into our software. But of course everyone has different wishes. To make sure that all our clients can still get their specific marketing tools, we added …
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Status page 740x430

Always up to date with a subscription to our new status page

Do you already know about our status page? This useful page displays all scheduled software releases and updates. Additionally, this page shows the uptime of all our software. This way you can constantly see if the software is working …
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Upload organisation structure for complex business 740x340

Uploading an organisational structure for complex business customers

From a compliance point of view, you need to be able to demonstrate that you know exactly what the structure of your business client is. That’s why we’ve developed a useful feature that allows you to simply upload an image of an …
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Automatic access to much more Kv K information 740x430

Automatic access to much more KvK information

We have implemented a more advanced KvK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) data link in our KYC Suite, which gives you much more information about a company. In addition to the KvK number, RSIN number, company name, and address, we now also …
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Signed document returned immediately 740x340

Signed document returned immediately

You can now automatically return the documents signed by you and your client to your client: people like to receive such a confirmation of the agreement right away. Of course, you can also include your own accompanying email text: …
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ID verification with a selfie check 740x430

ID verification with a selfie check

We have implemented a new, innovative ID verification tool, which makes ID verification much faster and easier, but still super secure and compliant. For example, your clients can now verify themselves by making a selfie and uploading …
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Prospect portal dashboard 740x430px

An improved dashboard for the prospect portal

On November 28th we will introduce a new dashboard for the Prospect Portal. The new design guides your clients better where and how to start. Below a large screenshot of the Prospect Portal, to give you an impression of what soon will …
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Email template website 20 20

Personal welcome e-mails in your own design

Asset management is relationship management. That’s why our platform, in our Client Onboarding module, now offers the possibility to send personal welcome emails to your clients, in your own house style. This is of course friendly and …
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