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Blanco WealthTech enters next phase with new investment round and new co-CEO

Blanco WealthTech raises new investment round of over €3M from current investors and new industry experts. With this, Blanco enters a new phase, strengthening its current market leadership position in the Netherlands, further expanding …
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Knox and blanco

Asset management institution Knox receives AFM licence

Knox, the wealth and asset management cooperative, has received a licence from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) to carry out brokerage activities and to act as a custodian institution. This allows Knox to store …
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Blanco launches anti-money laundering module for large and small financial companies

More and more financial companies, from VC funds to crypto providers, have to comply with stricter anti-money laundering legislation. To help companies comply with these laws and regulations, fintech scale-up Blanco launches an …
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Blanco Franx

Partnership with Franx results in improvement of our KYC Suite

First and foremost, Blanco develops a banking platform for asset managers. But other financial institutions, such as large banks or other fintech companies, are also starting to show interest in our KYC suite. And for a reason: KYC (the …
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Blanco and AIRS join forces.

It may finally be announced: Blanco and AIRS — the current market leader in the Netherlands in the field of portfolio management and back-office support for wealth- and asset managers, join forces by continuing together, whereby Blanco …
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KNOX no outline

The story behind Knox, the first custodian by and for wealth and asset managers.

Have we got news for you: a group of independent wealth- and asset managers have set up their own custodian institution in The Netherlands, and it’s called: Knox. Knox helps them to gain access to the necessary and obligatory services …
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Collaboration with Evidos facilitates itsme verification.

At Blanco, we love to create win-win situations: a collaboration which ultimately benefits everyone. Recently, we’ve partnered with Evidos: a company enabling online document signing. (Nice to know: Evidos is an abbreviation of …
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Data Connections

How does Blanco connect its platform with all those banks? With Check6.

Our banking platform has built-in connections with about 60 banks. All transactions take place via these connections. In this way, the portfolios on our platform are always in line with reality and this way we can deliver daily reports. …
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Blogpost Platform

The story behind the first all-in-one banking platform for wealth and asset management

Finally, our time has come: the complete wealth and asset management platform as we imagined it at the start of Blanco in 2015, is now live! All modules that automate the complete wealth and asset management cycle are up & running. …
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Blogpost KYC

What has been improved in the new version of our KYC Suite?

Our complete banking platform, as we envisioned it at the start of Blanco in 2015, is finally live! Read our press release here. Note that at Blanco, we’re working according to the agile development method. That means our platform is …
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Blanco first to introduce ‘60-minute client-onboarding’ software for asset manager clients

Blanco – a Fintech and services company – is the first to launch a digital client intake (client-onboarding) module for asset managers in The Netherlands. This module will save asset managers a considerable amount of time, increase …
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