Blanco KYC & Compliance Suite for wealth managers

Turning KYC legislation and client data management from a nuisance into an opportunity. AML & MiFID compliant.
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Your KYC procedure done in minutes, instead of days.

At Blanco, we’re developing financial technology with humans in mind. That’s why we’ve come up with a client data management solution that focuses on an ultimate user experience: our KYC & Compliance Suite automates client data collection, storage and management for you. Being compliant to KYC rules and regulations on a continuous basis becomes a breeze with our KYC & Compliance Suite.

Using our technology, you’ll experience that KYC rules and regulations aren’t just annoying legal obligations anymore. In fact, they represent an opportunity to genuinely get to know your client: you can easily and securely access all data, anytime, anywhere. But most importantly, our platform sets you free to spend more time on your clients: isn’t that the best way to grow your business?

Let clients complete the KYC trajectory faster than ever
Being AML & MiFID compliant becomes a breeze
Plug & Play: accessible through desktop, mobile and tablet
A single solution, offering both self-service and full-service to your clients
Customize the Blanco KYC & Compliance Suite to your own look and feel
Fully cloud-based: securely access client data anywhere, anytime from every device
API enabled to connect seamlessly with other systems

Find out how our KYC & Compliance Suite also helps other investment funds.

Not only asset managers, but VCs and private equity funds also use our technology.
Blanco for funds
Module 1

Client Onboarding

KYC legislation can make onboarding a nuisance. But we’ve developed a very user-friendly way to get your clients in.
  • Developed to onboard all natural persons and legal entities.
  • User-friendly interface, accessible through desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Add bespoke client surveys and questionnaires.
  • Identify and verify your clients through a passport scan, liveness check and derived identification. 
  • Screen your clients on adverse media (bad press), PEP and elaborate global sanction lists. 
  • Generate and sign contracts through e‑identity: SMS, iDEAL, iDIN, ITSME or E‑Identity.
  • Also applicable to executing a client data overhaul: reassess and update all your current client data.
A kyc module 2
Module 2

Financial Investment Plan

Get insights into the financial situation, investment goals and risk appetite of your client and create matching investment proposals.
  • Suitability: define your client’s knowledge and experience to provide services accordingly.
  • MiFID risk assessment: assess your client’s risk appetite using risk-weighted questionnaire answers based on a scientific model.
  • Use the built-in Monte-Carlo simulations to calculate the probability of achieving investment objectives.
  • Automatically generate goal-based investment proposals for your clients.
  • Easily link the Blanco KYC & Compliance Suite to your proprietary model portfolios.
B damp module 2 1
Module 3

Client File

Being compliant becomes a breeze with our secure vault that automatically notifies you when clients need to be reassessed. It enables you to continuously access and update all client data anytime, anywhere.
  • Extended CRM functionality: store, maintain and update client data, such as basic client information, notes, due diligence and risk assessments on a continuous basis.
  • Use the incorporated AML Client Classification to get relevant notifications on client reassessment.
  • Enable compliancy to your regulator by using our built-in evidence-based audit trail.
  • Continuously screen your clients on adverse media (bad press), PEP and elaborate global sanction lists. 
  • Easily create and close new contracts with your clients.
  • Trust our product-relationship structure: clients are always connected to their respective products. 
  • Schedule notifications for client contact and tasks for you and your client.
C kyc module 3

Use cases

Hatim 010
— Hatim Chebti, CEO Franx:

Blanco is as customer obsessed as we are.”

Hatim is the CEO of ABN Amro subsidiary Franx: the startup that offers SMEs a digital platform for currency transactions and international payments. The onboarding and KYC …
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Paul 003
— Paul Kramer, co-owner of Index Capital:

Blanco is now fully integrated in our daily practice.”

Paul Kramer is co-owner of Index Capital Asset Management, a pioneer in the field of Index investing in the Netherlands. This Breda asset manager is one of Blanco’s first hour …
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Technology assisted by expert services

Company 03

Our knowledge is always accessible to our clients.

Instead of being imposed on people, our Wealth Management Platform serves people. That’s why our technology is designed for a superior user experience. Nevertheless, we understand that adopting a new fintech platform is never fully seamless.

Know that we offer full guidance to help you get accustomed to the Blanco Clients Suite and/​or Assets Suite quickly. We’re also happy to share our industry knowledge and love to be your sparring partner when it comes to rules and regulations.

Compliance Advice

We assess your compliance documentation and procedures, and share advice for possible improvements. Blanco also offers guidance when it comes to the implementation of rules and regulations, and can help you with your license application. 

ISAE 3402 Guidance

An ISAE 3402 certification provides insight into critical processes within an organization and shows whether the company is in control’. Blanco offers guidance in the ISAE 3402 certification process.

Business Process Outsourcing

In combination with the Securities Administration module of the Blanco Assets Suite, you can outsource your securities operations to us, if you’d like. Let us take care of operational tasks like reconciliation and corporate actions for you.