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Turning onboarding & monitoring from a nuisance into an opportunity. ISAE 3402 certified.
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Your KYC procedure done in minutes, instead of days.

At Blanco we’re developing financial technology with humans in mind. That’s why we’ve come up with an onboarding solution for financial institutions, that focusses on ultimate user experience: we make onboarding as easy and less time-consuming as possible. 

Because onboarding becomes less cumbersome, you can shift your perspective on onboarding from a regulatory obligation to an opportunity to really get to know your client. After all, knowing your client is the best way to grow your business.

Make onboarding of your clients less cumbersome
Let clients finish the KYC trajectory superfast
Be fully compliant, on a continuous basis
Reframe a regulatory requirement to an opportunity
Multichannel setup: enables both mobile and web interfaces

Blanco’s KYC Solution is cloud-based and fully API enabled to connect seamlessly to your other systems.

Module 1

Client Onboarding & Remediation

The easiest way to get clients in and continuously update and reassess their data.

Client Onboarding

  • Developed to onboard natural and legal persons, statutory directors and UBO’s.
  • Experience our user-friendly interface: Blanco uses a controlled intake procedure, consistently based on the same steps. 
  • Identify your clients through passport scan, liveness check, plus derived identification. 
  • Generate and sign contracts through e‑identity: SMS, iDEAL, iDIN, ITSME or E‑Identity.

Client Remediation

  • Execute funnel overhaul: reassess and update all your client data.
  • Organize client data and clear up any contradictory information.
  • Use any channel, when reaching out to client’s to update and verify their data.
  • Possibility to add your bespoke client survey. 
Kyc module 1
Module 2

Client File

Trust on our structured overview of all your client’s data in one secure vault. Ready to be updated anytime.
  • Store contracts and other important client communication.
  • Maintain and update client data continuously, like client due diligence and risk assessment. Check through sanction lists & PEP tests, adverse media.
  • Close new contracts with your clients and monitor relationships between your clients and others, such as personal holdings. 
  • Trust our product-relationship structure: clients are always connected to their respective products. 
  • Schedule tasks for you customer. E.g.: invite them to perform an update of their client data or risk profile.
  • Easily schedule notifications for client contact.
Kyc module 2

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