We are Blanco. Your invisible force in fintech.

We develop technology for humans: it’s not about us, it’s about what you and your clients experience.

Our manifesto.

The world of finance is heading towards the future at dizzying speed. Digital services have shifted from being a nice-to-have’ to a must-have’. Techno-optimists are preaching the gospel of Artificial Intelligence. Robo-advisors are popping up like coffee bars in a gentrified neighborhood. And digital technology leads to financial inclusion’: it increases efficiency, reduces complexity and lowers costs, encouraging consumers to demand more bang for their buck.

It looks like humans will be completely replaced by robots in finance. But at Blanco, we don’t think so. Although significant change in our industry is inevitable and technology seems to have the upper hand at this, we believe the human factor will always remain crucial in our industry. Self-driving Tesla’s still require a human in the driver’s seat for when things go haywire, don’t they?

At Blanco, we firmly believe in the symbiosis between mankind and machine. Technology brings efficiency and lowers costs, while people will always bring trust and empathy to the table.

That’s why we’re developing fintech solutions that save time and money, but that incorporate the human factor as well: instead of being imposed on people, our technology serves people. It’s always fully white-labeled, and we’re think carefully about how our software can work as seamless as possible with the software that our customers are already using. 

All this leads to financial inclusion: Blanco makes asset management products more accessible than ever. Our technology enables you to fully focus on your clients again. After all, it’s not about us or our technology, but about people: it’s about you and your clients.

We are Blanco. Your invisible force in fintech.

Meet the team

Supervisors & Advisors

Conny Dorrestijn
Conny Dorrestijn
Conny Dorrestijn has worked in the international financial technology industry in a wide range of marketing and business development roles, most recently at Clear2Pay, FIS. Speaking frequently at international events such as BAI, EBA and Money2020 on Open Banking, Payments and Fintech innovation, she is a non-Executive Board Member to Blanco Services, an Advisory Board Member to Holland FinTech, Arches Capital, East and AdviceRobo, Associate of the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) and a Global Innovation Awards Judge at BAI (US).

Her mentorship at The Global Give Back Circle is part of her FemTech’ drive to encourage young girls and women to step up to an independent – financial – life through education, a safe home and traineeships.
Hidde Hoogcarspel
Hidde Hoogcarspel
Hidde is fund manager at our Investor Dutch Founders Fund. He’s also the founder of Spacebuzz Foundation and has experience in PE funded firms, both as CEO and CFO. He finds meaning behind data because he knows that the right numbers tell the story of where the company stands and which processes can be improved.
Koen Schrever
Koen Schrever
Koen is the CEO of KBC Start It fund, one of our investors. He first worked at several smaller businesses, but eventually switched to Siemens where he realized a number of turnarounds and an M&A integration. Following this experience he became investment manager and executive director at several Venture Capital funds. During this time he combined investment management responsibilities with board seats at multiple companies. He joined KBC at Bolero Crowdfunding and combines this job with his responsibilities towards the KBC Start it Fund. 

If you want to deliver an elevator pitch, you might reach him on the badminton course or on his bike to work.
Sander Vonk
Sander Vonk
Sander is General Partner at our investor Volta Ventures. He has been involved with innovation, startups and investing for well over a decade. He ran the European operations for Liberty Global Ventures, overseeing all technology investments in the EMEA region. He is also the non-executive chairman of Metrological, a Netherlands based software company and board advisor to Vector Group, a Polish based group of companies. 

Sander has an engineering background from the University of Delft and started his career deploying ERP systems throughout Europe moving from European hub to hub over a period of 4 years before settling back in Amsterdam. He also holds an MSc in Economics and an MBA from the University of Amsterdam.
Pieter Puijpe
Pieter Puijpe
Pieter Puijpe is a Managing Director at ING, with broad experience across a range of leadership positions in loan origination, corporate risk and general management. He has a broad international background, lastly as Co-President and Co-Chairman of ING Capital LLC, ING’s wholesale banking business in the Americas — based in New York. In his current role as Business Lead for credit risk capital models, Pieter is responsible for a key part of the ING’s regulatory capital agenda, which includes the remediation of regulatory findings and the operational/​technical implementation of regulatory best practices in ING’s wholesale banking business lines.

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At Blanco, we’re about creating win-win situations. 

We’re not selfishly focused on our own interest nor on winning by defeating others, so common in financial industry culture. Just like we believe in the symbiosis of technology and human knowledge, we feel that both team work and close cooperation with our clients is the way ahead. We want to create win-win situations. And we’re happy to let our clients get all the credits. Because in the end it’s not about us. It’s about you and your clients. 

Quality is what we continuously strive for.

We prefer to Just Do It’ and let the quality of both our technology and our expert services do the talking. We believe in aligning our interest with our client’s, in order to develop the best products and services: our technology and services are based on our extensive knowledge of the financial industry and are aimed at lowering costs and removing complexity. Together with our expert services, we’re making things breathtakingly efficient and simple for all.