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Instead of being imposed on people, our platform serves people. That’s why our software is designed for superior user experience. Nevertheless, we understand that adopting to a new fintech platform is never fully seamless.

Be sure to know that we offer the proper guidance to help you get accustomed to Blanco quickly.We’re also happy to share our industry knowledge and we love to be your sparring partner when it comes to rules and regulations.

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Compliance Advice

We assess your compliance documentation and procedures and share advise for possible improvement. Blanco also offers you guidance when it comes to the implementation of rules and regulations, and can help you out with your license application. 

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Service 2

ISAE 3402 Guidance

An ISAE 3402 certification provides insight into critical processes within an organization and shows whether the company is in control’. Blanco offers guidance in the ISAE3402 certification process.

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Service 3

Outsource Operations

In combination with module 5 of the Blanco Digital Asset Management Platform, you can outsource your securities operations to us, if you like. Let us take care of operational tasks like reconciliation and corporate actions. 

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