Frontend King

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We develop innovative solutions for Wealth & Asset Managers. We believe that a great frontend makes a great solution. And because we want to build a great solution we are looking for a frontend developer to enforce our team. If you believe that installing and configuring drupal is frontend development, then please click this link. But if you believe that building frontends is a mix of development and design then we are on the same (web)page.

You have a creative mind and your hands can code what your brain thinks. You started plain HTML way back, did javascript, learned php and now work with Angular. When you are done working you move to your personal pet projects at home or start some cool design work. Can you help us with challenges in development and UI/UX implementation? We might have a spot on the ship for you, arrrr…

We choose Angular (v2 and up) for our frontend development, so Angular knowledge and experience is a hard requirement. Our frontend(s) connect to in-house developed RESTful or GraphQL API’s and integrate with third party services. Your connecting skills and the fact that you natively speak JSON may come in handy.

So you think you can code? How about design? Without a well-engineered User Design and User Experience our customers will not love all the functionality we provide them. Off-the shelve components will give us a good start, but we need you to work with our designer to slice and dice perfect screens and intuitive customer journeys.

The team would love to hear of and learn from your experience in frameworks, we hope you also might convince us to use solutions you used in the past as well.

Of course we need you to spent a lot of time on cross-browser compatibility.

We use AWS for our infrastructure: we do not need you to have solution architect certificate, but if you used S3, Route53 and/​or CloudFront that would definitely help you get on top of the list.

We love to share a cup of java(script) with a cookie and talk about your ideas on web innovation.

Work at Blanco

At Blanco you will work in a motivating start-up environment with an open and transparent culture. Your future to-be colleagues are highly experienced, passionate professionals with a career history in large financial institutions, strategy consultancy firms and technology companies. We have a very international team (11 nationalities and counting) and the main language is English.

We offer you the opportunity to co-build an innovative FinTech company. You are enabled to work autonomously in a flexible environment in whatever way makes you most effective. Blanco offers you a steep learning curve with a lot of responsibility and freedom at the same time, and we give you space for your personal development and growth. Results matter, not task execution or face time. You will work on your own Blanco Macbook (or other OS if you prefer) in our inspiring office in Amsterdam (Spaces Zuidas) or Rotterdam (Spaces Hofplein) with lots of cool places to work and relax!

Do you want to be part of a team of experienced self-starters with a high intrinsic motivation and drive? Please send your information (in Dutch or English) to bernadette.​wijnings@​useblanco.​com.