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Introducing Blanco’s new CFO: Duncan Hobeijn

Duncan blanco

We sat down with our newest Blanconian, Duncan Hobeijn, to find out more about him. Discover his reasons for joining Blanco, his thoughts on his new role as Blanco’s CFO, and what plans he’s got in store.

What is your background?

I started my career at KPMG in the audit practice. It was a great learning experience but also where I found out that becoming an auditor was not my calling. After this, I spent most of my time in various financial roles with international businesses, including several years as an independent freelancer. My last assignment was at Exact Software, where I was financially responsible for the business unit Cloud Solutions with Exact Online. This was my first contact with software as a service (SaaS) and I’ve been hooked ever since. For those in financial roles like mine, SaaS allows you to add a lot of value to the business. For example, using analytics to identify business opportunities or implement process improvements with the aim of growing faster and more efficiently. I am also more of a business-financial rather than a finance-financial. If you want to know the difference, feel free to have a cup of coffee with me!

Why did you choose Blanco?

After quitting my previous job at the end of March, I was actually expecting to take a break for a while. I did have a list of important points that I was looking for in a new challenge. The most important of these were: SaaS, Organic Growth, Building, International, Informal and Team (striving for great goals together). Shortly after I quit, I got into conversation with Blanco and found out that I could put a tick behind each of these points. If that’s ever the case, then you shouldn’t let such an opportunity go! 😊

What exactly is your role as CFO?

People often think that a CFO is only concerned with the numbers, that he is the financial conscience of a company. Of course, these are important aspects for which a CFO is ultimately responsible. However, I see the role of CFO as much broader than that: thinking critically to determine the strategic direction of the company, helping to steer the company based on data-driven analyses and insights that benefit growth and strategy, and continuously improving business processes. 

What plans do you have for Blanco? 

The plan for Blanco is that we continue to grow fast. To continue to grow in the Netherlands, where we already have a considerable market share, and internationally too. This is of course not only my plan but all of ours at Blanco! There are major challenges in many areas within Blanco, but I think you can sum them up as being able to grow in a scalable way. We will have to invest in the products, the organisation, the business processes and the systems that facilitate all this. This may sound quite simple, especially in a short sentence, but it will require necessary efforts from and changes for everyone.

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